Being a parent is a 24/7 job….and it isn't easy. At times, you might be overwhelmed emotionally, mentally or physically and feel like you have no place to turn. That's why this site is here…to give you a one-stop place to help, with plenty of resources.

If you want to talk with someone, just call one of these hotlines. For emergencies, you should call 9-1-1.

I Need Help Now

Resources…Parenting help…Support. That's what you can find on this website. Here's a quick link to helpful hotlines, available 24/7:

Domestic Violence

Are you in an abusive situation or afraid someone will hurt you?
Contact the domestic violence hotline: 1/800.942.0333 or

Children and Families of Iowa

Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Iowa Legal Aid

Iowa Protective Order Notification for Domestic Abuse Program (office of Iowa Attorney General)

Advocates and support contacts

Child Support

Child support and recovery unit FAQ


CDC Pregnancy Resources

Iowa Department of Human Services-women, infants, and children

Anger Management

Talk with someone at 1/888.457.4692, Lutheran Services in Iowa.


Talk with someone at 1/800.273.8255, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Iowa dept. of Public Health-Suicide prevention.

Sexual Assault

Human trafficking resource center

Children In Danger

Nowhere to turn and think leaving home is the answer or do you know someone who is running away?
Contact the National Runaway Switchboard at:
1/800.RUNAWAY or click here.

Human Trafficking Hotline: Call 1/888.373.7888
Human trafficking website

Iowa Amber Alert

Sexual Abuse

Have you been sexually assaulted or fear you might be? 
Call 1/800.284.7821, Iowa's Sexual Abuse Hotline now.

You can also contact the national hotline.

Or contact the Crime Victim Assistance Division of the Iowa Attorney General's office for domestic violence issues.

Helping Children

Report child abuse: Call 1/800.362.2178.

Helping Special Needs Children: Call 515-281-8799.

General Help

Need assistance with food, childcare, Medicaid, and other government assistance programs?
Iowa's Department of Human Services for your local county is the place to start.

Find protection for dependent adults, newborns, and youth. Click here or call 1/800.362.2178.

Iowa Concern Hotline: 1/800.447.1985

Lutheran Services of Iowa provides many services for children, youth and family, counseling, refugees, foster care, and people with disabilities.
Check out an office near you.

Call 2-1-1 to connect and get answers. You can talk with someone who speaks your language and can link you with resources to use free of charge. This is a comprehensive list for Iowa services.

Iowa State University Extension Services also has several resources for families and teens at these hotlines.